Sunday, January 27, 2013

City of Atlanta Proclamation Honoring Charles Darwin

Thanks to the support of members of the Atlanta Science Tavern and to endorsements from more than two hundred of science enthusiasts and professionals in the Atlanta area, including students, teachers, staff and faculty at high schools, colleges, universities and research institutions, District 6 City Councilman, Alex Wan, has issued the following proclamation, on behalf of the citizens of Atlanta, to
recognize Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection and commemorate the important contributions he has made towards the advancement of our understanding of the biological world and the improvement of the quality of life for humankind.
This is the first step in our efforts to have February 12 proclaimed "Darwin Day" in Atlanta by the full City Council in 2014. You can view and download the text of this year's proclamation here.

City of Atlanta Proclamation in Honor of Charles Darwin

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curiousCharacter said...

Thanks for your work on this Marc. Darwin was a great man, and deserves recognition like this.